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At my core, I’m an avid dog lover and animal activist, vegetarian, and young Mom with a passion for bringing holistic health and wellness and a drive to be a game-changer in the leadership space. 


By training, I’m an organizational psychologist + consultant, researcher, public speaker, and executive coach on a mission to change the world by helping identify and develop strong female leaders and inclusive organizations.


My passions are many, and my list of “books to be read” is constantly growing (just ask my spouse what my nightstand looks like). On a given Friday night, you can find me relaxing at home, possibly reading by the light of my Himalayan salt lamp and telling anyone who will listen about the importance of reducing the toxic load in our environments (I'm fun, I swear).


I once had a friend’s husband say: “any time we come to Stefanie’s house, we learn something new” – and I’m pretty proud to say that that statement is likely true.

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