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Valparaiso, IN | Chicago, IL

Contact: samockler@gmail.com

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My Leadership Coaching Philosophy​

At Vantage Leadership Consulting, I partner with with a diverse set of individuals and organizations to help identify, develop, and build strong leadership talent to achieve business goals, navigate through tricky transitions, and succeed in an ever-changing business context. I combine my passions for helping others succeed with my strong research background and analytical assessment skills to provide insightful, and future-focused feedback to accelerate leadership growth. 


I take a holistic approach to leadership assessment and coaching in that I seek to provide a safe environment to allow my clients to increase their self-awareness, challenge old ways of thinking, and drive positive change in their lives, both professionally and personally. Leveraging a combination of curiosity, care, and a questioning approach, I support others' ability to identify a core set of strengths and opportunities, set short- and long-term goals, and put action steps in place to realize sustainable behavioral change. In addition, I set my clients up for success by ‘leading from behind’ – that is, I encourage them to take ownership over their own development, and then serve as a trusted advisor to guide them in setting and acting on their priorities.


A continuous learner, I seek to contribute to and stay up-to-date with the academic and popular literature. Recognizing that each professional and leader is unique in their own right, I then utilize these learnings and insights to create and share personalized resources and exercises that will distinctively resonate with each individual I work with. I also believe that context is queen, and as such, I will seek to not only understand each individual  but also the environmentorganization, and climate in which they work.


In my coaching sessions, I blend discussion, education, practice, and ongoing feedback to ensure I can best understand those I work with, while providing them with the tools and resources they need to drive motivation and engagement, and ultimately boost performance both now and into the future. I never coach in a vacuum; rather, I will gather feedback from my clients' colleagues (i.e., via 360) and also include relevant stakeholders into the discussion (e.g., boss, mentor) to ensure alignment across the board. Lastly, as evident by this site, I am incredibly passionate about supporting, coaching, and mentoring women throughout their careers, and ensuring they can achieve their personal and professional goals. 

If you're interested in learning more, please contact me at samockler@gmail.com!