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My Leadership Coaching Philosophy​


I help talented and ambitious professionals accelerate their 

leadership capabilities and realize their full potential, while advising executives who are concerned with identifying, selecting, and developing a strong pipeline of exceptional, diverse, and future-focused leaders to take their organization into the future.

As a young mother and ambitious professional with a full slate of responsibilities, I have a deep understanding for how challenging it can be to achieve success in today’s complex, ever-changing business context. Acknowledging that the boundaries between personal and professional life blur and intersect, I take a holistic approach to leadership coaching to enrich my client’s performance across all life domains. 

In my career thus far, I have coached new and seasoned leaders going through critical role transitions, on-boarding into new positions, navigating high potential development programs, and evolving their approach to meet the needs of a progressively ambiguous environment. 

I have been told that my “challenging, yet supportive and caring approach” is a differentiator in my capacity for helping leaders achieve their goals, and I seek to provide direct and actionable feedback in the context of an encouraging and confidential coaching relationship. I combine my passion for helping others with an analytical mindset and questioning approach to get to know my clients, understand their unique needs, and provide tailored solutions to drive results. 

I see balanced feedback – focusing on both strengths and weaknesses – as key to sustainable behavioral change and ensure my clients take ownership over their own development while serving as a trusted advisor to guide them along the way. And, in my coaching sessions, I blend discussion, education, practice, and ongoing feedback, while providing people with the resources they need to boost performance both now and into the future. 

I am also a TEDx and SXSW speaker and frequent panelist who enjoys engaging with audiences, both large and small. My insights and research have been featured in The Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback, HR People + Strategy, Society for Women Engineers Magazine, academic publications, and on here, on my personal blog.

I live with my high school sweetheart, teenage son, and two beloved puggles in Northwest Indiana, and in my personal time enjoy exploring the world, trying new restaurants, hiking the Dunes, soaking up new information in just about every domain, and losing myself in a great Netflix show. 

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