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The Woman Behind the Blog

Hi everyone! Thanks for following along as I strive to create this community that supports, elevates, and empowers women to better understand themselves, overcome barriers, and truly claim their space in the world (or: take over the world — you can choose 😉). 

As I build this community, I plan to share quite a bit about myself and my own experiences. I find it incredibly valuable to get to know the person behind an account and why they’re creating certain content. So, let me pull back the veil a bit more…

me in my natural habitat: my home office.

In a nutshell, I would describe myself as (very) imperfect, insatiably curious, pretty weird (or so I’m often told), and occasionally crazed. And perhaps most important, I care A WHOLE LOT about a lot of people and things.

So, here are 7 facts me (the woman behind this account) —

(1) I used to have a healthy living blog centered around weight loss, recipes, and workouts. I still love fitness and healthy eating but the last several years have been a true struggle to keep myself accountable. You’ll likely see some of this come through on this account as well as I try to get myself back on track.

(2) I have a wonderful teenaged son — I had him young and he’s truly a lot of the reasoning behind why I do what I do.

(3) I am a recovering people pleaser — a work in progress, but each day, I’m learning what it means to prioritize myself and my needs versus always putting myself last. 

(4) I whole-heartedly believe in equality and fairness, not only for women but all underrepresented and disadvantaged groups — this account is centered around women because it’s (becoming) my expertise (and it’s what I was drawn to heavily during graduate school), however, I will support, value, and advocate for all underprivileged groups.

(5) Fun facts: I have two adorable Puggles (you can see way too many pics on my personal instagram account — @stefaniemockler) and a long-time boyfriend/spouse/forever fiancee — we had our son and we’ve been together for 17 years. The three us live in a home where we're completely outnumbered by our animals (not only the Puggles, but also 2 cats). I've also been a vegetarian for 10+ years.

(6) I’m a huge proponent of the Love Languages — go take the free quiz! I've started many love languages conversations (over wine with friends) and I don't plan on stopping soon. My love languages are acts of service, quality time, and words of affirmation.

(7) I tend to move way too fast. I have an idea and I want to act on it NOW. Sort of like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka... but I’m learning to slow down, be more present and thoughtful, and question my own assumptions. As seems to be the theme here, it's another work in progress.

I would love to learn about you! Tell me about yourself! 

Stay present,




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