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Hello and welcome!

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Hello and welcome to The Female Leader’s Edge! My name is Stefanie Mockler and I’m an organizational psychologist and leadership coach committed to bridging the leadership gap and addressing the unique challenges experienced by women within the workplace.

Earlier in life, I created a lifestyle and healthy living blog (i.e., The New Healthy) aimed at sharing tips and tricks for weight loss and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Over the years, this space grew and became centered around sharing recipes, workouts, and daily musings from my life as a college student, young Mother, and Midwestern woman trying to navigate the complexities of life and figure myself out.

Upon being accepted to graduate school, I made the tough decision to stop blogging and fully devote myself to my school and family roles. I had a long commute from Northwest Indiana to Chicago and also began working as an intern at a leadership consulting firm during my second year of school (where I now work full-time).

Although my life has been quite crazy, I have often found myself regretting the decision to stop blogging. Mainly, I miss the connections and community I built during that season of my life, and also the accountability it afforded me in my life (there's nothing like making your goals and life public for driving accountability and getting things done).

I've remained loosely connected to the community and I’ve often dreamt of the day when I could revisit my passion for connecting with others through online platforms.

That day has come.

Fueled by my growing passion and work with supporting, coaching, and elevating women across their life journeys, and specifically in leadership roles, I decided to take the leap and create a space for progressive, driven, and open-minded individuals to connect, learn, share, and grow.

Specifically, my vision is not only to educate and connect with diverse individuals, but also to share my personal experiences, successes, and challenges with being a full-time working mother still working on her doctorate (lifetime student right here).

Note that although this space is called "The Female Leadership Edge", my intent is to welcome any and all individuals interested in learning more about how to better support, mentor, and engage women to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and world in general.

Further, as a leadership coach and academic researcher, I’ve built a library of resources that I plan to turn into engaging content aimed at helping us all learn how to better navigate the working world (whatever that may look like for you personally), and realize our potential while also elevating those around us.

I’d be pleased to have you follow along and share your own experiences.





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